Notary Bonds

Tennessee law requires all Notaries to purchase and maintain $10,000 Notary bond for the duration of their 4-year commission. This bond guarantees the Notary will perform his or her duties according to the law and follow a code of ethics.  You can order your Notary bond with us today online.

Our $10,000 Notary Bond also includes $10,000 Errors & Omissions coverage for $40.00.

We also offer options to purchase Notary supplies and additional Errors & Omissions coverage if needed. Notary bond paperwork can be emailed to you within minutes or mailed to you after payment acceptance. Payment can be made with electronic check or any major credit card.

Before you get started:

  • Each Tennessee county has different instructions for becoming a Notary, please contact your County Clerk if you are unsure of your county’s process.
  • You MUST know your correct effective & expirations dates, also known as the commission dates before ordering.
  • You must enter your full name EXACTLY as stated on your application and/or approval letter (this could include a middle initial and/or suffix).

*The Clerk WILL NOT accept your Bond if it does not match your application or approval letter EXACTLY. Any corrections or changes needed to your bond or Notary supplies will delay the process and could cost you an additional fee.*

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Frequently Asked Questions?


How can I confirm my commission dates and my correct full name?

You can refer to your approval letter, your application or check on the Tennessee Secretary of State website:

Is this the first step of the Notary process?

Every county in the state of Tennessee has a different process and order, please contact your County Clerk for the correct order.

When do I sign the Bond paperwork?

You sign all paperwork once you are at the County Clerk’s office as they need to witness.

I made a mistake on my Notary bond paper work, how can I get this corrected?

Please email us so we can request you a Rider form, this will show the Notary bond has been corrected. Rider forms could take a few hours to a business day to receive.


Still have questions or need further assistance?

Email us for a quick response: [email protected]