Earthquake Insurance

You are probably thinking, “Earthquake insurance in Tennessee? Is that really necessary?” YES, it is! Did you know there is a fault line in west Tennessee? There was even an earthquake in the midwest a few years ago that many in middle Tennessee felt.

While Tennessee may not be known for earthquakes like California is, it only takes one.

One earthquake can destroy your home, possessions and all of your hard work. If you don’t have earthquake insurance, YOU are responsible for ALL damages resulting from an earthquake.

If you still owe on your home, you will have to pay that mortgage whether you have a home to live in or not. This type of financial impact could take years, maybe even a lifetime to get over.

The same applies to your possessions. If you are in debt on them, you will still be responsible for paying for them even if they are destroyed.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Consider the following facts:

  • There are 500,000 earthquakes each year
  • Human activity can trigger them

The final, convincing fact is that if you cannot afford to rebuild your home, you need earthquake insurance.

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